Underwater Fashion Master Class in Collaboration with Dive & More

Introduction to Underwater Photography – Photography is still photography, whether it’s taken above the water or under, but there are many other factors which come into play when taking your camera beneath the waves. Learn about the different aspects of underwater photography – settings, housings, lenses, ports, different types of lighting and how to control everything while staying calm, even in rough conditions.

Shooting People Underwater – How people react when you ask them to pose underwater, what are the common mistakes, which focal range is best, which poses work best, how to keep your model relaxed and healthy, and more!

Makeup, Accessories, Clothing and Hair – Preparation is key! Learn how to plan your shoot, which materials work best, how to prepare your model and how to control that pesky lump of hair that keeps hiding the models face.

Lighting – Learn how to work with ambient light, when to use strobes, different ways of triggering your strobes, compare various lighting setups and how to get the perfect lighting on your model.

Post Processing – Entering the digital dark room is an important stage of photography, let alone underwater. The process is not complete until you tweak the image to fit your vision, while maintaining the integrity of the image and enhancing the natural properties of your photos. Zena will share some of her post processing secrets which are an indispensable part of her underwater work.

The Professional Underwater Fashion Photographer – Zena will share with us her own personal story. How she started out, what were her main difficulties and describe her creative process in detail.

We invite you to discover the exciting world of underwater fashion while enjoying a everything that Mexico has to offer.