Such a neat idea from Arthur London. So neat in fact it even comes with its own legend…. Silent Pool Distillers are set on an ancient site in the Surrey Hills with a clear, natural spring that bubbles from the ground, always maintaining a steady temperature of 10c throughout the year. Legend has it that Silent Pool is haunted by Emma, a woodcutter’s daughter, who is said to have been bathing in the clear water when she was disturbed by a lecherous horseman! As she swam out to escape his advances her cries were heard by her brother, working nearby. The horseman fled as Emma’s brother dived in to save her but the siblings drowned in the cold, deep water. The next day the woodcutter found the lifeless bodies of his children in the Silent Pool and the horseman’s hat, bearing the crest of Prince John, who later went on to be King John I (the very same unsavoury king from the Robin Hood legends).â €Loved visiting this place and combining all the different elements in the retouch.