Mood, Style Water of the Refresco Group, is on air with True Company. Launching in December with the main fashion magazines, the campaign will be at the center of 2018 communication. Acqua Mood is set to be the only Italian style water combining a natural element like water with the provocative language of fashion. 

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Exhibition: Kings Road Gallery, London

Looking forward to exhibiting the Seawomen this week in a group show with @508_kingsroad_gallery from 23 -31 January 2018

“The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.” – W. Somerset Maugham
December’s exhibition takes inspiration from this local writer and brings together thirteen artists from across the world in, Unity In Variety II.
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The Tempest – Birmingham Royal Ballet

Ballet dancer underwater in Tempest storm

A campaign for the Birmingham Royal Ballet to promote their newest stage production of The Tempest.  Featuring the immensely talented dancers of the BRB and created by their visionary director David Bintley.  The Sea Nymphs dance in an underwater storm, staging magic and mystery. The Tempest stage production comes to Sadlers Wells, London October 2016.
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